Wagon’s east! I’m on the road and, currently, shacked up in Utah. I had one mishap. I lost my credit card. Ack! Now I have to use my ATM card, which is pretty meager because I used my funds to pay down the credit card balance for this trip. Brilliant planning, as always. Oh well, I called and cancelled the credit card. On the upside no one took it shopping. They would have been awfully disappointed if they did. I have another credit card that I maxed out and am trying to pay down that I don’t want to use it. But now I have too. At least I’ve got a little credit on it so I won’t complain. (Or maybe I just did.)

Anyway, I making my way back east and I’m happy about that. I looking forward to time with my dad and my sister and my friends. I suppose I should have done this from the start but I reckon I was too ashamed or prideful or stupid. How about all of the above. I hope I’ve learned something. Actually, now that I think of it, I have learned something. I’ve learned how fortunate I am. Despite the train wreck of my life, these people still welcome me with open arms. And love. Compared to that, a lost credit card doesn’t mean shit.