Oops. I missed day 300. Oh well, the only real milestone is today … every day.

I’ve been working and working and working. Yet I can barely keep my head near water level. But there’s some good news. First, I changed to swing shift. It’s much more laid back and I get to sleep in. (I need my beauty sleep or my eyes get poofy. Poofy eyes just won’t do.) Changing to swing shift also allows me to do some job hunting during the day. Currently, I’m at the college library searching for jobs online (recap: earlier this year I got accepted into a Master’s program for Renewable Energy Engineering, yay!, unfortunately I can’t pay for it, boo). I’ve got a few leads. I had a phone interview on Monday. Hopefully it will lead to an in-person interview that will, again hopefully, lead to a job. Another opportunity sprang up at the place where I’m currently slaving. They opened a job req for a manufacturing engineer. It’s not totally in sync with my background but I threw my hat in the ring anyway. The upside is that one of the current manufacturing engineers went to bat for me. So yeah, stuff is happening. But even if none of it pans out, I still have an open invite from my buddy to move in with him. At last, a safety net.

All in all, things are OK. I’m feeling better about myself and my future. I don’t think much about drinking anymore except, ironically enough, when I write this blog. But even then I don’t have cravings. This blog reminds me that demons still lurk in the shadows. I need that reminder. Complacency can lead to a relapse and I’d rather stay unlapsed thank you very much.