Alas, when we last left our intrepid adventurer (that’s me) he was planning a move from Oregon to New Hampshire. But like all things in life, a new wrinkle twisted into the plot.

I was ready to leave. On Friday I slacked off at work and was more petulant than usual (if that’s possible). I had every intent to end my employment that day. Then in the afternoon I got a text from a local acquaintance, “Talked to my friend. HR has your resume. They’ll contact you.”

Back up a few weeks. This acquaintance knows I really, really want to work with alternative energy. So he says, “I have a buddy who sets up wind farms. His company is looking for an engineer.” Yahtzee! I give him my resume to give to his friend and then … nothing. Last week I sent him a text and asked if he’d heard anything from his friend. He said he’d contact him. I never heard back after that. I wrote the whole thing off. I figured it was a long shot anyway – you know, a friend of a friend knows this guy type of thing. Until I got the text Friday afternoon. 

Now I don’t want to leave town because I want this job. I need this job. But in the meantime, I have to keep my head above water. That means I have to continue my work as a human oxcart. Ugh. I toy with the though of leaving and getting another shit job, perhaps one less shittier than the current experience. But we’ll see how this week plays out. Wish me luck.