My buddy invited me to live with him free of rent. It means quitting my job (which I hate) and moving. I’m not crazy about the move but I could use his company and support. I’m going to do it. I’m tired of trying to handle this on my own. I’m beyond being too proud to accept help. I need help. It’s time to get it. I’ve know this friend since I was 7 and he’s like a brother. He’s the first one I told when I quit the sauce. Best of all, we’ve roomed together before so we know we won’t be at each other’s throats. And he has a dog. I miss my dog.

As for leaving, I like where I’m living but the landlady is a pill. I’ll have to break my lease which will send her into a conniption fit but this move might just save my life. Literally. I’ve been in the deep blues and every day I think about the dark and final solution. It’s a horrible thought (suicide, that is, in case I’m being too cryptic) but I can’t keep it at bay. Sorry landlady but my life is more important than a few bucks in your greedy pocket.

So goodbye job. Goodbye obnoxious landlady. It’s time to reboot.