Airbnb me. I’m sitting in an unfamiliar living room (by myself) trying to while away the day before I start my new job. There’s something Twilight Zone about all this. I am totally displaced. I have no (permanent) place to live, tomorrow begins a low paying job I know nothing about, my bank account is weeping, and I’m sleeping in a strangers house in a new city. At least I have absolutely no local support system. Parachute? Who needs a parachute? But here’s the weird part – I should be freaking out, yet I’m not. OK, I’m a little anxious, I mean who wouldn’t be, but I’m not Stresszilla. Bonus. 

This is blog about recovery and sobriety so I should mention that I don’t feel like drinking. In fact, I haven’t in a while. Not-drinking is becoming habit the way drinking used to be. When I first started writing this blog I needed it for accountability. I needed it to reach out. And mostly, I needed it as a dumping ground for all my post-liquor fueled angst. I still need those things but this blog also reminds me of where I’ve come from. I can’t get cocky. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the successes. 

Before I wrote this I read a few other blogs which prompted me to re-read the early posts of my blog. I’m glad I have this flight record. Thanks to those of you who read this and to those of you who keep your own blog.

For everyone starting the journey, thank you for sharing your toil. It ain’t easy but your candid accounts help us all.

For everyone further down the road, thank you for sharing your wisdom. You give me the inspiration to get through today because you’ve been through so many todays.

For everyone around the same mile marker, thank you for sharing the ride. We’ve come a long, baby. Let’s keep on keeping on.