The cycle is coming around. If you’ve read this blog with any regularity you probably notice that I go through troughs of despair followed by the inevitable rebound. I apologize for the rollercoaster ride but it’s who I am and I want to make this an honest account of my recovery – the good and the bad.

But I’ve had enough bad so here’s the good. I’m on the upswing. I don’t have a job yet but at the end of my phone interview yesterday, my interviewer mentioned that I was “a very strong candidate” – her words not mine. Even if I don’t get this job it’s nice to know that I have some value. My downward swing was fueled by intense financial stress and a feeling of worthlessness. The finances haven’t gotten any better but I don’t feel as desolate. Hope, that fickle sprite, has decided to pay me a visit. I’ll enjoy the occasion and ask her to stay awhile.

For those of you on a similar journey, I wish you the best. The problems might seem insurmountable; the regressions unforgivable; the journey impossible; but YOU CAN DO IT. How do I know this? Because even though I’ve never met you, I’m pulling for you and I know you’re pulling for me. All that positive energy will help see us through. I’m sure of it even though I forget sometimes. If I forget again, feel free to remind me. I’ll do the same for you. Rock on!