I had an interview Monday. I didn’t get the job yet but I’ve qualified for a second round of interviews. Oy. Who do I have to blow to get a job? I hear the talking heads say the “Great Recession” is over but it doesn’t look like that from my point of view.

Yes, I’m whining. Today has been a tough day. I broke down in tears this morning. I miss my dog and I’m frustrated that I can’t find work. I suppose crying is better than drinking but the demons are screaming. I hear the sirens of a darker song – worse than booze. It’s the song of eternal sleep. And, God help me, it sounds so sweet right now because I feel worthless and hollow. I’m a healthy, sober, college educated professional and I can’t get a job sweeping floors. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I’m trying to shake this mood because it’s a beautiful day but I can’t seem to find my way out of the quicksand.

Addendum: Walked a random path to a random bridge over a random stream in a random life.


The walk did me some good. The demons are still howling but some exercise tends to muffle them a bit. I also watched a talk from one of my favorite TEDsters. It’s a great talk. Unfortunately, the worst moments in my life just make me a pathetic whiner. No wonder I drank.