I’ve been a train wreck for the past week. Well, an even worse train wreck than normal. Coping with my dog’s death plus my imminent move has spun me into a maelstrom of emotions. Despite it all, there’s some good news – I stayed sober. And as stressful as the move is, I’m really looking forward to hitting the open road. I’m happiest when I’m in motion.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend and mentioned that the passing of my little buddy was the exclamation point on a tumultuous year. That exclamation point means an end. An end precedes a beginning. I hope it’s the beginning of something good. I was supposed to have an interview with an international recruiting firm today but the rep never called. Bummer, but at least there was a spark of interest. Maybe that spark will ignite. I’d like that. I don’t want or deserve much but I could use a little break – a jot of good fortune. My fingers are crossed.