The guests have left. While it was fun to play tour guide, it’s nice to have my space back. I am, at heart, an introvert. One week of chauffeuring and showing wore me down. In days past, I drank to be social. Now I have to be social all on my own. I admit I miss the crutch of a good buzz to break the ice. But since I did all the driving, it’s probably best that I dodged the demons. My guests drank. Although they support my new lifestyle they certainly don’t empathize with it. I don’t think it crossed their mind to try. Oh well, it’s not like I asked them to. I can’t complain. It was a good week and they paid for my portage with meals. I ate often. Not good for the waistline but good for the wallet.

Now I have to take stock of my possessions and start whittling them down. I’m heading north with nothing more than what can fit in my car. That means an extensive minimization of my holdings. Fine by me. Stuff only adds stress – less stuff, less stress. At least, that’s my assumption. Want some stuff?