I changed a tire on the side of the highway. I feel manly. That doesn’t happen too often. My Guy Card has pretty much been revoked. I can’t help it. I cry at the drop of a hat, I dig homespun crafts and I love musicals. My girlfriends used to hate to take me to chick flicks, not because I’d complain, but because I’d be the one in tears long before anything happened. Hell, I’d weep at the opening credits. My gay buddies all wonder why I haven’t joined their team. As much as I respect and support the LGBT community, I just don’t find men attractive. Sorry gents.

But today I feel manly. I got a flat in a mountainous area and when I went to call AAA (yes, I know, see the paragraph above) my phone had no reception. So out came the jack and the spare. I got sweaty but I felt vindicated once I attached the Cheerio. Yay, me.

Life is good. It only cost $14 to fix the busted tire (the pros put it on the second time) and I feel manly – sober and manly. I think I have a new mantra.