The guests have arrived. All in all, it’s been fun. Except that tonight they dragged me to a chain restaurant. I’m not a big fan of the corporate dining experience. I mean if I wanted lack luster gruel and shitty service I’d eat at home. But my real beef (pardon the pun) is that these corporate chains represent the demise of dining out. As a child, going to restaurant was a big deal. Everyone in the restaurant had a stake in the quality of the meal. The chef was the owner. The wait staff were family and friends. They wanted you to have a good meal because the restaurant was theirs. And they knew you’d tell your friends. There was no Yelp. Now I get over-salted roadkill served by someone who wants to be there even less than I do. But hey, they sing to you on your birthday. It must be good.

OK, enough of that soapbox. Eat local is all I’m saying.

Oh well, at least my apartment is still clean. The roaches are in shock. Even my dog is confused. She can’t figure out which patch of carpet to pee on. Poor girl. Soon enough things will be back to normal.