Lately I’ve been fixated on dairy products. I really don’t eat meat anymore (except fish) so making the leap to a vegetarian diet would be pretty simple. But a vegan? That would be tough. I just love milk fat too much. The other day I made my own butter (very easy if you own a food processor) and It. Was. Awesome! I don’t think I’ll ever have store bought butter again. I also make my own yogurt. Cheese is next.

Yes, I dig dairy products. I try to be conscientious about it. That is, I buy organic, hormone/antibacterial/goo free milk. Hopefully, it’s cruelty free also but I admit I haven’t looked into that. If I could find a source for sustainable, happy-love raised raw milk I’d be dairy delirious.

So what the hell does all this have to do with alcoholism/recovery/sobriety? Nothing! And that’s the beauty of it. I’m finally at a point where I can obsess about something besides bourbon. In fact, until I started this paragraph I wasn’t even thinking about alcohol. That’s good. But now that we’re on the subject, my brother is coming to visit and he keeps threatening to drag me out bar hopping. I told him I’m off the sauce but he doesn’t get it. That’s the best thing about my family – they live 3000 miles away. I think I’ll have a milkshake.