Good news on taxes. They aren’t going to be as bad as originally forecast and I can pay off the Federal one in installments. That takes a little of the stress off. I still owe but at least I don’t have to swallow it all in one lump some. Actually, swallowing is the wrong metaphor.  Taxes are more like suppositories than pills.

In other news, I’m preparing to jettison. I want out of California. Or, at least, out of southern California. It’s not my bag, baby. I’d like to segue up the coast to Portland. But before I do I need to get rid of a lot of extraneous crap. I’ll sell what I can and donate the rest. My hope is to pack all my worldly belongings into the back of my car. Dog is my copilot so nothing goes up front. We’ll see how that turns out.

Speaking of dog, she’s giving me The Look(tm). Time for her evening constitutional. Someone queue “Ode to Joy”.