For all intents and purposes, I drive a taxi. I started on Friday night and drove most of the weekend. It’s interesting being on the other side of the drunk trade. In days of yore, I was the drunk. Now I’m the sober one shuttling drunks around. I’m sure there’s some sort of karmic thing going on here but I can’t quite put it to words. Almost all the people I’ve dealt with have been really cool. The only exception was a guy from LA (go figure). But as part of the healing process, I’m trying not to focus on the negative.

Let’s list the positive. Most of the people who’ve shared my ride are young, conscientious professionals. They’ve been polite and interesting. Even the drunks have been cool. And I’m making some cash. My lack of income was a huge stress inducer. This gig isn’t enough break the bank but it’s still positive cash flow.

I’m just keeping my head above water. Soon I’ll start to swim.