Bleh. The WordPress app for iPhone sucks. I wrote something that used the word “spelunking” but the cloud swallowed it, never to see the digital light of day again. It’s a pity because spelunking is a funny word. I need to use it more often. But two times is my limit for this missive.

And, in case you’re wondering, I’m still sober. Yay me.

I wrote a book. Why not? It’s a work of fiction because nonfiction depresses me. Real life sucks. Thus my drinking habit. I sent my story to an editing firm and today I read the feedback. The basic message was this: my manuscript isn’t ready for prime time but it has potential. I’m not sure if the latter is actually true or if they want me to keep pumping quarters into the meter. The feedback was informative but general. For the price I paid I was hoping for a bit more specific information using examples from my work, i.e. “This worked and here’s why” and “This didn’t work but here’s how you can improve it”. I didn’t get any of that. I can’t deny that the feedback was useful but I didn’t feel it was worth the price.

Are there any other budding authors out there? How are you getting constructive feedback for your manuscript? Are there any free/low cost writer communities, websites, etc. you use to hone your work? Does this font make me look fat? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

And now a random video that makes me laugh.