Today I worked outside in the sun. I needed that. In northern San Diego a group of free spirits is trying to build a sustainable community. I volunteered to help because I want the exercise. And, to be honest, I’m hoping the whole tree hugging, dirt munching, pot smoking, clothing optional hippy vibe is just a cover for a coven of vampires. I figure if I work hard enough they’ll give me my vampire scout badge.

I’ve always wanted to be a vampire, especially during the zombie apocalypse. Let’s face it, in that scenario vampires would have the best of both worlds. Zombies would ignore them because vampires are part of the same family tree and humans would never suspect them. I mean, who would ever think about vampires during the zombie apocalypse? If’n I was a vampire I’d embed myself in a human community and thin out the competition for my food source by hunting zombies. Then I’d dine at the all you can eat buffet. I’d never get caught because if someone went missing the other cattle would blame it on the zombies. Sounds like a sweet gig. Who needs booze when you’ve got blood.