Oops. I missed day 74. In case you’re wondering, I gave my dog a bath, went shopping, and then had dinner with a friend. None of the preceding activities remotely tempted me to drink … except, maybe, the dog bath. The Missus is not partial to bathing. It was as much a wrestling match as a bath. We were both pretty exhausted at the finish. Otherwise, it was a fine day.

Today, I studied. I did OK on the GRE – 161 verbal, 158 quantitative – but I was hoping to get a little higher on the quantitative. From what I’ve read on the internet (and if it’s written on the internet it MUST be true) engineering schools like 1 standard deviation above average. I wasn’t quite there. In fact, I just missed it since 1 standard deviation is 160. Vox Homer – DOH!

So I’m continuing to study in case I have to take the GRE again. I’m also continuing to study in case I don’t have to take the GRE again. What I mean by that last statement is that it’s been 20 years since college. If I get accepted into a program I don’t want to start with a rusty brain. Pythagoras, al-Kwarizmi, Newton, here I come.