Help me. My brain is melting. I’ve been cramming for the GREs, especially the math. I’m not a math god but I don’t fear it either. In fact, I was doing OK until I got to Probabilities and Statistics. That’s the section where the test writers hit the bong.

Question: 16 seagulls and 24 pigeons fly over a beachfront area of 1.2 square miles with 5 MPH breeze out of the southwest. While you sunbathe, what’s the probability a bird will shit on your head?

Answer: 0% because I brought a beach umbrella and a BB gun. Take that Mr. GRE!

y = mx + b

x = (-b +/- SQRT(b^2 – 4ac))/2a

y = (Dz)+mY/(Hd*hRT)