As I wrote the heading of this post my inner Butthead couldn’t stop repeating, “You said 69.” I’ll never grow up.

Last night was a challenge. It was Friday night. Boredom and nerves (about my upcoming GRE exam) conspired to shove me into a bar. I’ll admit I walked by a few and hesitated. Eventually, I ended up in a sushi joint. I ordered an iced green tea.

Earlier in the day, I sat down for coffee next to four elderly ladies. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop, especially since one had lost her volume control. I believe her lowest setting was “Stentorian Whisper”. It turns out, they were all recovering alcoholics. They were having a little AA meeting right in the coffee shop. I was amazed and humbled. These little old ladies still had the gumption to fight the disease, help each other, and embrace life. Their inspiration helped me walk past the bars and into a spicy tuna roll.

Until last night, I haven’t had the hankering in awhile. For the most part, I’ve settled into a non-drining lifestyle. I was more worried about growing too complacent and thinking, “I’m over it. I can have a drink now and then.” than actually giving into a strong impulse. I guess I’ll always have to be vigilant.