I never thought I’d make it this far. To give up the drink in the middle of the holidays wasn’t my best example of planning but I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I made it this far. And I’m glad I’m still alive.

60 days ago I would wake up and ask myself two questions. One, would today be the day to cash out on life? Two, if not, when would I start drinking? Fortunately, the answer to one was “no”. Unfortunately, the answer to two was “as soon as possible”. Until one day I woke up and the answer to one was “yes”.

I didn’t do it. (This isn’t “American Beauty”, I’m still alive.) But in a way, I did do it. I ended that life to start a new one. I began to blog instead drink. I walked. I went to meetings. I guzzled coffee. I didn’t cash out, I cashed in.

Thanks to those of you sharing this journey with me. You have inspired, encouraged, and empathized. You’ve kept me going. Rock on, my friends. Rock on!