I’m in a coffee shop. It’s a cool little joint that I discovered yesterday. Their cups have a picture of Betty Page holding a riding crop with the quote, “Whip or no whip? State your preference.” How can you go wrong in a place like this?

Betty Page

In other news, I paid an Editing service to look over my manuscript. Thus begins the process. It’s my first foray into the world of “professional” writing. We’ll see how it goes. I asked for the kid gloves treatment so I hope I don’t get chewed up and spit out. I’ll know in about a month.

Earlier in the day I watched this: http://www.ted.com/talks/andrew_solomon_depression_the_secret_we_share.html

This is well worth a look. “The opposite of depression is vitality.” Truth. I struggle with the deep blues from time to time and I know I’m not alone. Props to Andrew Solomon for putting the subject out in the open. I imagine that depression lies at the core of most addictions. In my case, the difference between manic depression and alcoholism is the waterline of the bourbon bottle. I wish I could claim I was free of both, depression and alcoholism, but I never will be. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because I continue to learn and understand. 59 days ago I decided not drown in rough seas. I started to swim. I know I’ll continue to get tossed around by tide and tempest but the more I know, the easier it is to keep my head above water. Today the seas aren’t that rough. I can be thankful for that. Sometimes the best days aren’t the ones full of adventure. They’re the ones were I know it’s ok to breath.