I’ve been lazy. I admit it. It’s been three days since posting. Funny but both days coasted by in a haze. I’m still sober. Yet my uninebriated consciousness lapsed into a vegetative state. I think I know why.

Several years ago I wrote a book. It’s a light hearted work of fiction. Recently, I dug it out and, hopefully, polished it up. My goal is to publish. Publishing means bringing my creation to the light of day and the eye of criticism. In other words, I’ve been slogging around in a state of trepidation. Writing is easy. Exposing my writing to the world is terrifying. Thus the anonymity of this blog. However, living in fear is a shitty way to carpe diem. So a few hours ago I clamped my butt cheeks and sent the manuscript to an editor. I need some professional help before I try publishing but my fear is that the editor will take one look at it and say, “Don’t quit your day job.” My hope is that, while it may need a ton of work, it has possibilities. I’m willing to put in the effort if it has a popsicle’s chance in hell.

And in other news, today is New Year’s Eve – an uber drinking festival (along with St. Patrick’s Day and, well, every other holiday). I’m doing what I do best – avoiding social engagements altogether. Honestly, I don’t even feel like drinking but why bother putting myself in that situation. I’d either give in and start the New Year (like every other New Year in my adult life) with a head full of rancid pudding or I’d spend the night cringing in the cacophony of drunks. Neither option appeals to me. So I’ll stay home, watch some movies and drink tea. It’s not exactly a rockin’ New Year’s Eve but it will be a rockin’ New Year’s day because I’ll awake sans hangover. I hope it sets a precedent for many years to come.

Happy New Year!