I’ve been a little lax about my blog but I have an excuse. I had a friend visit for the week. He knows I’m on the wagon so we did a lot of non-drinking activities. I discovered that I need to be in better shape in order to stay sober because everything we did involved a lot of standing and walking – city tours, the Midway Museum, and general sight seeing. However, I made up for any vestigial exercise by eating extravagantly and often. Thus, I suffered no weight loss despite the (exact number censored for vanity) extra pounds I currently carry.

It was fun having a guest but it’s nice to have my own space back. My friend tended to wake before I did so he used the bathroom first (I only have one in my apartment). By the time I got to use the facilities it looked like a rat had exploded in my tub. I’m stunned that he still has hair after suffering such a follicular exodus. My drain has done yeoman’s work but I’m fairly certain it will need a visit from Mr. Draino in the near future. It’s also nice not to entertain. Sometimes I just want to wake up and lounge on the couch. OK, every day I want to wake up and lounge on the couch. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for engaging hospitality. My friend is a fairly easy guest but he still expects a little effort from the host (i.e. me). That means acting as a tour guide and chauffeur. So yeah, I’m happy to be free again.

Speaking of tour guides and chauffeurs, I’ve come to realize that cars are the root of all evil. I mean, look at how they bring out the worst in us: inconsideration, intolerance, and selfishness. I’m not even going to comment on political issues like oil dependency and environmental degradation. But despite the financial burden and driver dissonance of car ownership, I still have one. Which leads me to one conclusion – I’ve another habit to kick.

Yes, I need to get rid of my car and stop driving. I know it sounds crazy but I’d save loads of cash, reduce my carbon footprint, get into better shape, and reduce my stress level. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Wish me luck … no, really … I’m serious.