It’s my one month anniversary. Woot! I celebrated by eating chicken fried steak and eggs. Yes, I know it’s incredibly bad for me. That’s kind of the point. Considering the gallons of bourbon I have NOT put into my system over the past month, I figured one really shitty meal isn’t so bad. And, yes I admit it, I love chicken fried steak. It’s a guilty pleasure.

I look back at the me that existed 31 days ago. He drank. He tossed and turned. He contemplated suicide. He didn’t have much more time left. One way or another, he had to go.

And he did.

I look at the me today (even though it’s only 31 days difference). I drink tea and coffee but not alcohol. I sleep. I have my ups and downs but the lows don’t leave me with a blade at my wrist.

I feel like a guy who just walked away from a vicious accident. I can see the wreckage behind me. The injuries are fresh. But they’re healing. I’m healing. And the road ahead is clear.