I’m almost there – 1 month. And I’ll make it. Apparently, the buzzy chords I’ve been strumming on my guitar have sent the demons screaming.

Someone once told me that the first step to sobriety is admitting you have a problem. I beg to disagree. The first step to sobriety is to stop drinking. And that’s what I’ve done – for 29 days, during the holidays. I have to keep that in mind when the demons come calling. For me, they’re favorite tactic is self-loathing, regret, and hopelessness. Fuck them. I have my +5 Les Paul of Demon Annoyance. Daily saving throw versus alcohol successful. Woot!

Sorry, slipped into geek mode there. Anyway, as I look at this ongoing battle with demons I know it’s preparing me for something bigger – the Zombie Apocalypse. In a way, I’ve already seen the end of one world, albeit metaphorically. I’ve even overcome one form of Zombie-ism. That must help with my immunity in case I get bitten.

Yeah, I’m ready. Bring it on. I really don’t see the downside. If I turn, I’ll lose all memory and emotion. No more depression or regret. All I’ll have to worry about is brains. But since zombies aren’t big on hygiene, the soap I’ve made will go to waste. Bummer. However, if I don’t turn, I get to enjoy a world of less traffic, no government, and very flexible working hours. I might lament the loss of the internet (and the power grid in general) but it will all be worth while when I put a high powered crossbow bolt through my former boss’s head (after he turns, of course).

I  still need to work on a few of my post apocalyptic skills so maybe I shouldn’t hope for the ZA just yet. And speaking of survival skills, I’ve got to try this one:

Number one on the PZA (Post Zombie Apocalypse) survival list: yo-yos.