I’m sneaking up on a month. Woot! It’s been pretty good. I feel healthy. I’ve started making a mockery of the guitar (pause for a moment of silence for my neighbors). And I make lots of soap – seriously, it’s a weird hobby i’ve had ever since I saw the Fight Club and, no, I don’t make it out of human fat, just vegetable oils.

The other thing I’ve been doing is catching up on some TV series. I don’t actually own a TV but I can watch Netflix on my computer. In particular, I’ve been watching Dexter, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. All of these shows have led me to the conclusion that I need to polish up my personal defense skills. As a child I developed a basic fighting routine that consisted of three moves: move 1 – cower; move 2 – soil myself; and move 3 – bleed all over my opponent. While this combination wasn’t very effective at winning fights, it was really good at stopping them because my assailant would get too grossed out to continue. Thank God I wasn’t a belligerent drunk. Maybe I should learn Krav Maga. Even if my fighting doesn’t improve, it will help me get in shape. And, as we all know, the first rule of survival in Zombieland is cardio.