The demons are still there but they haven’t been screaming lately. In some ways, that’s even more disconcerting. The other night I had a dream that I was drinking Scotch. I could taste it and feel the buzz. The scary part of the dream was that I drank it without realizing it. I just slipped back into a comfortable habit. When I awoke, I was really distressed. I feared I might fail, not due to pressure, but due to complacency. I’ll have to keep this in mind as the holidays unfold.

Speaking of which, I have a survival plan.

1 – Don’t seek out parties or alcohol related social events. I’m not going to turn down invitations but I’m not going to look for trouble either.

2 – Volunteer to be the designated driver. This will keep me honest and give me an excuse if people try to tempt me, “Sorry, but I’m the DD.”

3 – Tell my friends to keep an eye on me. I have a few close friends who, I hope, will look out for me. If anyone tries to force the issue, I’ll introduce his testicles to blunt force trauma. If it’s a woman I’ll kick her boyfriend in the cajones. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire ….

4 – Continue exercising. This sounds like a no-brainer but holiday events usually conspire to throw off my routine. Then, before I know it, I’m growing roots into my easy chair. (Yes, I have a recliner. I admit it.)

5 – Start at least one new hobby. Right now, I’m jonesing to pick up a guitar. Maybe I’ll find a used one on the cheap.

6 – Enjoy!

I can look at this as a time of trial or a time of growth. Maybe it’s a bit of both since trials initiate growth. With 3 weeks under my belt, my confidence is rising. I’m not King of the World but I’ve lasted longer than I thought I could. I can do this.