Double digits. Woot! While 10 days of no drinky is irrelevant to most people, for me it’s a small triumph. I haven’t been sober for this long in years.

Today, I feel good. I feel calm. I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. I wasn’t calm as a child. In fact, childhood sucked. I remember a lot of fear, sadness, and longing. Such were the halcyon days of my youth. By the time I approached adulthood, in my teens, I was already drinking. Thus no calmness. As an adult I’ve had ups and downs but I rarely sat upon an even keel. My highs were in the sky and my lows were center of the earth. But today I’m in neither place. And that’s just fine with me. In fact, I feel like I’m experiencing some sort of existential buzz. Wow, it’s my first buzz without drugs or alcohol. Groovy.