I went to my first AA meeting. It was eye opening. Lots of bummed out people. But of course, they’re alcoholics. They were nice though. I’m a little offput by the quasi-religious feel to the whole thing. We even said The Lord’s Prayer at the end of the meeting. There was a lot of talk about the “Book”. Not the bible but the Alcoholics Anonymous book. I was told I must read it.

I’m not much of a koolaid drinker but if it helps me get where I need to go….

I met a nice dude named Rick(?). He gave me a 24 hour sobriety coin. Something to hold or consider if I ever feel the craving. That was mighty nice of him.

Another guy, a kind black man, I didn’t get his name, gave me a dollar because I said I spent my last dollar on the AA meeting book. I meant that facetiously so I felt bad that he gave me a buck. I tried to give it back but he wouldn’t take it.

In fact, the kindness I witnessed today, well, it made me feel something I haven’t felt in awhile – hope. Not hope of sobriety or conquering my demons or any of that. Hope that there are some decent people in this world. Maybe you really have to screw the fucking pooch before you learn humility and grace. Or maybe it’s just camaraderie among the bungled and debauched. But either way, I got a taste of compassion and that’s a rare dish nowadays.

I’m sitting at a local coffee joint. One reason I’m here is to try and figure out what to do with free time without downing a fifth. It’s very hipster, coffee shoppy. I can’t say I’m impressed with the sandwiches. Lot of bread, not a whole lot of filler. The green tea is good. But the assembly cost about $11. That’s a bit much for sour dough toast (masquerading as a sandwich) and a glass of tea. I think I’ll skip this joint in the future and head to Subterranean. It’s my favorite coffee boutique.